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RE: Intellicad vs Autocad

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The Intellicad CD case says that it is "Intellicad Professional 2D/3D."  I
got it so that I could convert AutoCad 13 and higher to AutoCad 12(DOS).  I
started loading it once until it got to a point where it wanted to dial out
to register it.  I don't like any program that wants to dial out and
register when I don't want to.  Without letting the program dial and
register, it would go no further.

It looks like I have another CD to go with my AOL CDs that shoo away birds.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Greg Effland wrote:

. > Gerard,

. > The version I have is a free version downloaded a while back (Intellicad
. > 2000 I think... personally don't run this much since I have AutoCad 2000
. > on my desktop).  A few guys here at work have compared it to out AutoCad
. > 2000 and have found it to run roughly 80% of our LISP routines without
. > modification and roughly 95% with some minor modifications.  They have
. > been and still are very impressed with its performance and compatability.

. > For a short time, I think the thought was considered to switch from
. > AutoCad to Intellicad corporate wide. The biggest hinderance was that
. > Intellicad is based upon "open source" code and the big wigs felt more
. > secure in sticking with a commercial (non-open source) program mainly for
. > stability and future issues that may or may not ever arise. Another good
. > source of information is the Intellicad Technology Consortium
. > ( the actual source of the software available
. > from different vendors such as CadOpia.

. > Roger was the one with the $20 copy... I think I have seen it in the past
. > at OfficeMax

. > HTH,
. > Greg Effland, P.E.
. > KC, MO USA

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