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RE: What is the status of the IBC in California

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It appears that IBC (nor any other code) will not be adopted in California
for another 3-4 years. The state has decided to stay with the 97 UBC for
another cycle. By that time the issue of the competing codes (NFPA vs. IBC)
will hopefully be resolved and we'll move on to either one those, or maybe
yet another code!?

Ben Yousefi, SE
San Jose, CA

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	Subject:	What is the status of the IBC in  California

	I've been asked to post this message on the list for another member
who has been having problems posting:
	What is the status of the IBC in California - especially in regards
to Title 24?  Will California be adopting a version of the IBC before
completion of the 2003 edition?
	Can anyone provide some up to the minute news on the future code
status in California?
	Dennis S. Wish, PE
	California Professional Engineer
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