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RE: Now I am in a REAL jamb!!

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"He say we were hired as a consultant, and as such we had no right to inform
anyone else of our findings, unless there was an eminent danger to the life
or safety of the occupants.  Since the building is only now under
construction, they claim there was no such threat."

Without commenting in his premise, it might be worth thinking about
construction loading if he feels that "imminent" danger is important.  If
this building is noticably underdesigned, is it safe during construction?
Reshoring of forms, for instance, is often designed based on the LL
specified in the design.  If the actual LL abilities are less, there could
be a problem.  If the contractor uses a section of finished deck for
temporary storage space, and loads it up to its full design LL, would that
be a problem?  Just because a building is not finished, doesn't mean there
are no lives on the line.  Have a long talk with a good lawyer, and good

Paul Crocker, P.E.

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