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Re: Now I am in a REAL jamb!!

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--- Lynn <lhoward(--nospam--at)> wrote:

> ..really appreciated the input I received and
> to
> contact the Owner, Building Department and Architect
> about potential problems I had found with the
> building.

I would have contacted only the project Architect and
let him know about the defeciency you noticed, or have
asked the Architect to convey your finding to the
project engineer.

I think it was a very bad idea to contact the
Owner/Bldg Department directly. If there was an
oversight on the behalf of the engineer, he or should
should have given a chance to correct the mistake. He
certainly knows more about the project than you.

I am sure, you will not be punished by your act. But
you have been unfair to a fellow engineer.

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