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Re: Now I am in a REAL jamb!!

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Your original post indicates that you were hired by a
tenant to perform structural review of the building,
he is planning to occupy. So, he is your client. I
presume that you meant to say that the building owner
has threatened to sue you.

What is done cannot be undone. Laws and rules
notwithstanding, any smart lawyer can argue a case
bothways in an equally convincing manner. You may want
to consult one in your area to see if you can
extricate yourself from this situation with little

It seems to be that all projects are based on some
unrealistic schedules and cost-benefit analysis making
life more and more miserable for us, engineers.

My sympathies and best wishes to you.


--- Lynn <lhoward(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> Now my client has threatened to sue me if he suffers
> any losses due to our reporting these issues to the
> building department.  He say we were hired as a

> Our office did not do the design for the building,
> but
> we have been asked by a tenant that is going to
> occupy
> some of the building to provide structural design
> for
> their T.I. work.  They have some heavy equipment

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