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Re: Measurement of Concrete Reinforcing Bar Length

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	As I recall from my university days there was an apparatus or
technology known as "Wheatstone Bridge" that could measure electrical
resistance and capacitance and possibly also inductance.  Perhaps one of
your electrical engineering colleagues or a university physics student
could find a way to do this for you.  I don't know of any commercial
apparatus for this application.

	Good luck.


				H. Daryl Richardson

> Mark D. Anderson PE wrote:
> Do any of you have knowledge of a means to determine the length of
> reinforcing steel bar when only one end is exposed or accessible?
> Preferably a technique or technology that allows for measurement
> through standard radius bends, in bar lengths up to standard mill
> lengths.  I assume it will be necessary to have one square cut end
> exposed.
> I was originally thinking of some of the ultrasonic bolt measurement
> technology, but it is overkill in precision, and generally limited in
> application to shorter lengths.
> Thank you
> Mark D. Anderson  PE

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