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Re: Request for feedback

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>I would appreciate any constructive suggestions you would like to make
>regarding content
Wow...a guy gets a promotion and the first thing he does is post a
question like this. Sounds like the kind of guy who'd walk into an Welsh
pub and ask for constructive suggestions about re-electing Margaret
Thatcher. ;->

Reading over at least parts of the FEMA documents, I hope you'll have a
seriously good section about weld QA and welder and process
certification. No point pretending to utilize yielding to dissipate
energy if the welding isn't guaranteed ductile. I doubt you can find
anything better than the ASME Code requirements for weld quality. I think
minimum Charpy values need to be specified for base and weld metal and
real welder qualifications established to avoid the mis-understanding
over 'pre-qualified' joints.

You might also want to add a dynamic analysis section. Explain about
response spectra and damping and mode combinations. Make it
non-mandatory, if you like, but I think it'll help understand what
happens in an earthquake. The dynamic analysis appendix to ASME Section
III (Div 1 Appendix N) is probably too complex, but it's a good place to
start. Might also be a good place for some informative material on
fluid-filled tanks.

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