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Re: Hydrocarbon encapsulation

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The combination of cement and bentonite will indeed
make the existing soil much less pervious and solidify
it. However, whether the hydrocarbons will be
encapsulated should be addressed to an environmental
permitting department.

Regarding the question on strength, have a testing
laboratory prepare some specimens and test them for
compressive strength. That will answer the rest of the


--- GSKWY(--nospam--at) wrote:
> Not a structual engineering issue per se,  but does
> anyone know what happens
> when you mix hydrocarbons with portland cement?
> Specifically,  if I have soil containing
> hydrocarbons (benzene, etc.)  and I
> mix in 7% portland cement by weight of the soil,  1
> -2 % bentonite and water
> in the ratio of 1 to 0.8 cement,  will I create a
> soild mass that will
> prevent the hydrocarbons from going anywhere?
> Is this is an accepted technique for this purpose?
> If I later decide to build a building on the site,
> how hard will it be to
> excavate this material?  Can it be done with an
> excavator and dozer?
> Gail Kelley

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