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Plywood Floor Diaphragm Shear Values

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Does anyone have any experience or a good reference regarding calculating plywood floor diaphragm shear values for conditions other than those listed in UBC Table 23-II-H?  I was reading the table recently, and it occurred to me that the largest diaphragm values are for 19/32" plywood, while I typically call out 23/32" plywood.  Also, on at least one project I am using TJI 250s, which are slightly wider than 2x member but not as wide as 3x members (the only two sizes shown in the table).  I would assume that I could use slightly larger values for these conditions compared to 2x members and 19/32" plywood, but I am not sure how to go about calculating this since there are quite a few mechanisms that could control, and I would guess that most of these are based on testing.  Any suggestions or references would be appreciated. 
Paul Crocker, P.E.