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RE: Bolted beam splice connection

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Just a few questions to help clarify what you are asking advice for:
1) Is the beam short (length or depth)? or Is the splice plate short? or Is the splice plate mislocated?
2) What kind of connection is this? (i.e. moment, shear, shear tab, etc.)
3) Are the bolt holes located in the same locations as designated?
4) Assumed not to be a slip critical connection
My interpretation is a simple shear connection that welds to the top/outer flange and webs but does not contact the bottom flange.  I assume you are referring to the end towards the bottom flange as the cantilevered end of the splice.  Depends upon your particular situation but if it is a shear connection and detailed properly to allow the rotation at the joint then you may be able to disregard bolt eccentricity.  This would leave weld capacity, block shear, fracture, bolt edge distance, bolt erection clearances, and possibly local web bending/buckling issues to consider.
Other possibilities that may need to be looked at, depending on the answers to the questions above, could include:
    weld capacity (eccentric or concentric)
    splice plate bending capacity
    splice plate block shear capacity
    splice plate yielding/fracture
    bolt edge distance
    bolt erection clearances
    local bending problems on the beam web or flange

Greg Effland, P.E.

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Subject: Bolted beam splice connection

Good morning everyone,
I have a question for you.  Steel fabricator has fabricated a beam that is 1" to short at the cantilevered end of a splice.  So, instead of 1/2" gap under the splice plate, they've got 1 1/2".  It doesn't seem to big of a problem, i just wanted to make sure i'm going about this correctly.
I'm going to check the increase of the eccentricity on the bolts and thier shear capacity.  I can specify a bigger plate and add bolts if i need be.  Anything else i should be concerned about? or should i have them make a new beam :)
Alden Manipula, EIT