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Re: B.C. Structural Engineer of Record,

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<I happen to agree with the approach taken by APEGBC in establishing a
higher requirement for structural engineers.>

H. Daryl Richardson

<And in about 5 years time, we might not be able to spell it, but some of us
will be "real" structural injaneers.>

Thor A Tandy  P.Eng

Are any of the BC Engineers out there in sticker shock at the price the new
SER designation will cost? Best I can reckon it comes out to (in Canadian

Application fee: $642.00
Institute of Structural Engineers Exam: $400.00 (Alternate FE, PE, SE II and
SE III (Washington) $US 715.00 ($Can 1135.00) plus travel or Oral
(Grandfather's) Examination - $2200.00)
BC Codes and Practices Exam: $535.00
Seal and Certificate Fee: $160.50
Minimum Total: $1737.50

Additional dues above and beyond P.Eng. dues: $267.50 per year.

And since the IStructE exam has a pass rate of about 30% for overseas
candidates, you will be very lucky to get away with the minimum above. And
if the BC Codes and Practices Exam turns out to be something like the
Washington State SE III exam, good luck!

What benefit will you receive after spending all this money? You just get to
seal drawings for building permit. Same as you're doing now. And virtually
every engineer who seals structural drawings, even for minor projects, will
apparently have to have this designation when the next code comes out in 5

John MacLean

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