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RE: seismic water pressure in water tanks

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1.  Go to the BSSC web site
2.  Download FEMA 368 and FEMA 369
3.  Go to Chapter 14

FEMA 368 (2000 NEHRP Provisions For New Buildings And Other Structures )
Chapter 14 contains the provisions for impulsive and convective seismic
induced fluid forces tanks.  FEMA 369 Chapter 14 is the commentary.  It is

ACI 350.3/350.3R-01, Seismic Design of Liquid-Containing Concrete Structures
and Commentary is another resource.

Some of the authors of ACI 350.3 and FEMA 368 are the same.  ACI 350.3 is
still in the seismic zones.  FEMA 368 uses the seismic spectral ordinates,
and contains a bridge to ACI 350.3.

You will not find much on vertical seismic accelerations.  It is in
development.  Vertical induced forces are not much of a problem in classic
strike slip fault areas, but they can be a problem in subduction zone
faults.  Since the big vertical accelerations generally occur earlier in
time than the lateral, you can just add the vertical accelerations to the
gravity and check the hoop stresses.  You should be covered without adding
the sloshing or impulsive component.  Then calculate the impulsive and
convective components as a separate case. 

Harold O. Sprague

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> Subject:	seismic water pressure in water tanks
> Dear All,
> I need code requirements for seismic water pressures
> (lateral and vertical ) to be considered in the assessment/design of a 
> partially buried rectangular RC tank.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Yýlmaz Yuva
> Structural Engineer
> Ýstanbul/Turkey
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