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RE: Problems with 'List Server'

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We've had this discussion numerous times. The email system is preferred by
the majority. It is a simple thing to subscribe to the "Digest" format, or
to set up folders (most email programs do this) with a filter sending all
mail coming from SEAINT to that folder.

OTOH, most "discussion board systems" such as UltraBoard are kludgy and
clumsy to use and administer-I know, I participate on some of them myself.
It is significant to note that Dennis Wish's "Structuralist.Net" has
switched to an email server format, because few people were using the
UltraBoard as it is just too darned inconvenient.

In short, "push" technology seems to work better than "pull" for discussion

Really, this just seems to me to be laziness on the part of a few.

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What Safat need to do it to discontinue the 'list
server' thing. Just switch to the a simple discussion
board system.

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