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RE: What's the thickness of a continuity plate

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I hate to steal Charlie Carter's thunder, but there's a couple of design examples in AISC's Steel Design Guide Series 13, "Stiffening of Wide-Flange Columns at Moment Connections: Wind and Seismic Applications" that show how to determine if continuity plates (AKA transverse stiffeners here, in MO) are required (Example 6-5) and how to design the plates (including thickness) if they are required (Example 6-6).  HTH.
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Subject: What's the thickness of a continuity plate

I was designing an ordinary beam-column moment connection.  I used a 3/4" thick cover plate, and the thickness of the beam flanges is 7/8".  My calculation indicates that the use of continuity plates is just barely needed; nevertheless, I chose to use continuity plates whose thickness is the same as that of the beam.  When my supervisor examined my calculations, he said that the thickness of the continuity plate has to be equal to the total thickness of the cover plate and the beam flange.  Any comments are highly appreciated.
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