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RE: Topographic Information

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You might take a look at DeLorme's ( ?) website.  I know they sell digital topo maps based on the USGS's 7.5 minute quads,
although the contour interval on these is too gross for most site work.  By now, they may have more detailed
satellite imagery-based digital topo maps available.  Like you, I always assumed the topo background on site plans was custom-generated
from a TotalStation (or equivalent) site survey.
Dave Williams
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Subject: Topographic Information

Is anyone out there familiar with where Civil firms get the topographic backgrounds for new civil works?  I see a lot of the latest info we get on Civil drawings has a CAD background taken from some form of regional or national database.  Anyone aware of the source for this info?
I have a one time need for background info, and was hoping there is a web based per site service or something similar.
Paul Feather