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In case you haven't heard the low down on this the IAPMO is hammering the
I-Codes because they allow the use of plastic pipe which can be installed
by non-union workers.  You can bet that your Rep is supported by the local
Alaskan unions (read big $money$).  Also note that NFPA headquarters is
located in Massachusetts (read Ted Kennedy, unions, more $money$).

By the way, since you have actually had to USE the IBC how has it compared
to the UBC in so far as implementation and interpretation of the provision?

Thomas Hunt, AK PCE 8909
Duke/Fluor Daniel

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Alaskan Engineers:

IAPMO is in the process of derailing the state IBC adoption process by
lobbying the Alaska state legislature. I can't remember the Rep that is
spearheading it but she is framing the IBC adoption as being pushed down
throats of Alaskans by big government leftist bureaucrats.  Any Alaskan
engineer that thinks IAPMO is in left-field and thinks the IBC needs to be
adopted should e-mail their state senators and representatives now.

IAPMO is trying to get a bill rewritten, I think it is HR399, so that it
reads the state can only use "uniform codes".  It is a delaying tactic
the NFPA5000 comes out in 2003. IAPMO and NFPA just want to make money
selling books.  What is the difference going to be for structural
engineering anyway? -- buy more adopted standards with the NFPA5000?  I
no loyalty to ICC but come on IAPMO and NFPA - write your own sewer pipe
code and fire code and leave the structural code alone.  Avarice.

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