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Q: Anchorage to Concrete

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I have a copy of the PCA Publication "Strength Design of Anchorage to
Concrete," by Ronald A. Cook. The publication gives a good overview of the
methodology behind the anchorage requirements which are supposed to show up
in ACI 318-02. I have not seen this latest version of 318, but I understand
it does have this requirements, possibly listed as an appendix.

Anyway, the development of the equations and the procedure for determining
the strength of an embedded anchor in tension in Cook is a bit awkward. He
has a bunch of modification factors included in his formulae which, I would
assume, are probably simplified or shown in a more easily understood fashion
in 318 (I don't know this, but I base it on my observation of previous
practice, such as the "Gergely-Lutz" equation-which is highly
complicated-being simplified later in 318 in calculating the famous "Z
factor" for control of flexural cracking).

If anyone has 318-02 yet, could you comment? Are there still all these
various "Psi" factors, for example, or is it simpler? If so, I am of a mind
to go ahead and purchase ACI 318-02 for use in the solutions to some my
anchor rod embedments which are critical in the particular job I'm working
on right now (overhead sign supports for highway).

Also, is there a better or easier explanation for computation of the
effective area for concrete breakout strength covered in A.5.2 of Cook? I
can't seem to understand the rationale behind some of the rules, or how they
relate to what I'm doing right now since I have a "haunched" barrier support
on which I'm mounting this sign.

Any discussion is bound to be helpful.

William L. Polhemus, Jr. P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company
Katy, TX, USA
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