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Re: New Masonry on Existing Slabs on Grade

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	A new non load bearing wall or light bearing wall resting on the slab
might actually work; but I wouldn't want to stand behind it with my
stamp on the line.  Even if it does carry the load you're likely to
develop cracks in the floor and be strongly criticized.

	My preference would be to cut the floor, install a new footing 24
inches wide and 8 or perhaps 10 inches thick.  I would fill all of the
cores in the first two courses of block work with concrete and I would
repour the floor as a floating slab separate from both the new footing
and wall.  Reinforcing and additional filled cores as per code or design
requirements.  The wall can now move slightly to accommodate loading
without cracking the floor (probably; but there are no guarantees).

	Note; the above suggested dimensions are typical of other projects.
They should be adjusted (corrected) to suit your project needs and to
comply with your codes.


				H. Daryl Richardson

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