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Re: Problems with 'List Server'

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It'll need a lot of unsubscribing after spammers get done. Look what's
happened to the Usenet. Only talk radio has a lower signal-to-noise

Christopher Wright P.E.

You do not have to have a public Usenet based discussion forum - there
are thousands of private discussion forums such as The Structuralist.Net
that do require password entry. The reason is simply to protect the user
from spammers. These are not moderated boards and because of this, it is
not impossible for someone to get on who will break the rules and
membership is the only way to protect other members. It allows the
administrator to ban the offending party from participation.
The Structuralist.Net has been operating for 18 months and although some
of those on this list feel that it is too complicated or difficult to
use, it still generates more than 2000 to 3000 hits a month from those
who are interested in researching the information placed on the forums.
In time, members will discover the advantages, but for now they seem to
think that there is a need to choose a loyalty to one or the other and
this seems ridiculous to me - like giving up radio just because
television was invented.
Please read my last post as I go into much more detail. Bottom line -
dedicated bulletin board forums are easily protected from spammers and
others. The newer forums (like mine) will hide the members e-mail
address and only allow communication through the discussion forum from
other members via an Instant Message or private message.
Chris - nothing is perfect, but there certainly have been some excellent
Finally, let me through some responsibility back on the user. You can't
have technology laid out in front of you on a silver platter - you have
to learn what buttons to push. I recommend that you play more on the
internet to find out how powerful these discussion forums really are.

Dennis S. Wish, PE
California Professional Engineer
The Structuralist.Net Information Infrastructure

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