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RE: Problems with 'List Server'

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I was oversimplifying, but the fact is that you are allowing both email and
"BBS" access to your discussion groups-like YahooGroups does-and that gives
you the option of whatever you want.

The original statement, though (lest we forget) was "let's shut down this
listserver because there are too many emails, and let just go to a 'BBS'

That simply won't work. I have too much to do with my day than to log on and
off a "BBS" throughout the day, searching for possible answers to my
questions. That ties me down. I'd rather have the information "pushed" to my
desktop via email. And I admit I do NOT understand ANYONE who is not using
an email client like Eudora or Outlook, which can automate your email
handling for you so that it is almost effortless to use. I don't care HOW
many messages I get in my box, I guarantee you it will never bother me
because they all go to a special folder where all the SEAINT stuff goes.

That's just SO simple, I repeat, I can't understand anyone else doing it the
hard way.

N.B. Have tried your YABB system a little bit and I must admit I don't see
any advantage. UltraBoard is a piece of cr*p, though, by any standard of

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To all:
I have to correct Bill on this issue - I have not switched from
UltraBoard to a Listservice format - I've added Listservices as an
option. I am no longer using UltraBoard and have, about six months ago,
switched over to a free BBS style forum that is great called YaBB (Yet
Another Bulletin Board).

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