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Re: Request for feedback

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Wow, wouldn't this be great.  First Trade Arbed returns the Reduced Beam
Section, then the Side Plate Connection, now only if Jay Allen will cough
up the slotted web connection then life would simple and grand again.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
Duke/Fluor Daniel

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Your offer to include Side Plate Connections in the public domain of an
AISC Manual sounds great to me.

Rick Drake, SE
Fluor Daniel, Aliso Viejo



After reading several of the responses to your request, it appears that
engineers are really looking for some good info on both moment frame and
braced frame design guidelines.  Including the following information in the
AISC Seismic Design Manual would greatly assist engineers in knowing all of
their choices when designing steel moment frame buildings, resulting in
solutions using steel as the material of choice:

1) ICBO and COLA prequalified weak axis (or better stated dual-strong axis
using a cruciform column) moment connections are available with SidePlate
connection technology.

2) ICBO and COLA prequalified moment connections with either tube steel or
built-up box shape columns are available with SidePlate connection

3) Wide flange shape columns deeper than W12 or W14 series are prequalified
by ICBO and COLA for Ordinary and Special Moment Frame construction without
requiring additional full-scale testing with SidePlate connection

Will AISC be addressing blast or progressive collapse in this document?

Will AISC be addressing dual systems (i.e. SCBF+SMRF and/or EBF+SMRF)?

Please let me know what you think.

Henry Gallart

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> Thanks, Tom.
> Charlie
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> Charlie,
> Here is a list of items I would like AISC to include:
> 1.  Moment connections in the column week direction.  Currently only
> axis connections are pre-qualified.
> 2.  Bracing connection guidelines for fixed end bracing especially for
> SCBFs.  AISC seismic provisions say that fixed end bracing "have been
> to dissipate more energy than those that are pin connected....",  however
> all the recommendations such as the 2t yield line are for pinned
> connections.
> 3.  Clarification of seismic requirements for non-building structures in
> high seismic zones with R valves less than 3.  That is, when using R
> less than 3 to what degree do the"irregular structure" and omega
> apply.  This may be more a UBC issue than AISC.
> 4.  Clarification and commentary examples for "The maximum force,
> by analysis, that can be transferred to the brace by the system".  There
> are several ways to qualify for this which have been discussed on this
> which should be included in the commentary.
> 5.  More liberal use of Ordinary Moments Frames for building and
> non-building structures two stories and less.
> 6.  Exception of the Class A faying surface for newly galvanized steel in
> bolted connections.
> Thomas Hunt, S.E.
> Duke/Fluor Daniel
> We are in the process of developing the AISC Seismic Design Manual to
> moment-frame systems, braced-frame systems and other aspects of
> high-seismic
> steel building design. It will be based upon the AISC Seismic Provisions
> and
> incorporate the results of the FEMA 35x series documents.
> As currently conceived, it will be a companion to AISC Manual of Steel
> Construction with information on:
>    Dimensions and Properties (Seismic Restricted Shapes Only)
>    Normal Ductility Systems
>       Ordinary Concentrically Braced Frames
>       Ordinary Moment Frames
>       Drag Strut and Chord Design)
>    High Ductility Systems
>       Special Moment Frames
>       Intermediate Moment Frames
>       Special Concentrically Braced Frames
>       Eccentrically Braced Frames
>    Other Seismic Systems
>       Special Truss Moment Frames
>       Buckling Restrained Braced Frames
>       Steel Plate Shearwalls
> I would appreciate any constructive suggestions you would like to make
> regarding content, design aids, tables, and other information you would
> like
> to see included in this Manual. You can reply to this list if you wish or
> to
> me pivately at carter(--nospam--at)
> Thank you in advance for any help you are able to provide.
> Charlie

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