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Re: Anchorage to Hollow Clay Tile

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Covert Operations has supplied epoxy anchors for many hollow clay tile
buildings.  Usually a 3/4 inch diameter rod installed in a 1 inch diameter
hole with a wire mesh screen tube.  Using a band of duct tape around the
screen at the center of the cell also helps concetrate the extruded epoxy in
the area of the face shells.  If you have multi wythe walls or pilasters, the
anchors will get much higher values if you can grab multiple units.  we have
test reports available if you would like.

Howard Silverman, PE
Covert Operations, Inc.
(800) 827-7229

In a message dated 2/21/02 10:47:40 AM, pfeather(--nospam--at) writes:


I am looking for recommendations for roof to wall anchorage for existing
hollow clay tile bearing walls.  I can deal with the detailing requirements,
but am looking for input / recommendations regarding adhesive solutions for
the anchors themselves.

All input is appreciated.  I recall a similar discussion sometime in the
past, was unable to find anything in the list archives.


Paul Feather


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