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Re: Problems with 'List Server'

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>You do not have to have a public Usenet based discussion forum - there
>are thousands of private discussion forums such as The Structuralist.Net
>that do require password entry.
My mistake--when you mentioned not requiring subscribing or
unsubscribing, I figured you meant a public BBS. I confess I still prefer
mailing lists, although I cut my teeth with BBS software. We had some
problems early on with the ASME BBS with a guy (Krazy Kevin
Lipshitz--first spammer I ever ran into and he really was crazy. He
disappeared after making one threat too many to someone in the ASME.)
flogging fake magazine subscriptions. He'd simply sign up for access
under fake names. How does your system handle that. Can you deny access
for certain machines or ISP accounts?

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