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Re: Clay tile weights

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"gem of a reference". Paul, you are too kind!

We did a similar project in 1996 in the City of Beverly Hills. This afternoon I pulled the file from storage to try to locate the testing data.
This project was very unique - the City did not allow the design engineer to use any reference with respect to published weights for "archaic"
materials. The project engineer had to surgically remove one masonry unit, send it to a lab to write a report - on its weight!

Unfortunately, I could not find this report. Suffice to say it would do you no good as HCT's come in a variety of sizes, web configurations and perhaps shell thickness (not to mention having adhered plaster and stucco as well).

There is more. The City required special shear testing of epoxy anchors for this project, a condition of approval, as there were no values for HCT's in the code (so I was told at the time). Tests for 3/4" anchors using Epcon epoxy, and installed under a very rigid procedure, yeilded values from 3000 to 3500 lbs.

I would be happy to fax you this 3 page lab report; you can e-mail me at cratylus(--nospam--at)


Steven A.
Los Angeles

Paul Feather wrote:

 1927 BUCK ???  There is a gem of a reference. Thanks to all who responded.  Paul Feather
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 Per section 2301 of the 1927 UBC WEIGHTS OF BUILDING MATERIALS:
8" hollow clay tile = 30 lbs.
12" hollow clay tile = 45 lbs.

Steven A.
Los Angeles

Paul Feather wrote:

Thank you to all who responded earlier, both on list and off. What is the consensus regarding hollow clay tile assembly weights?  (My lack of age is showing for a change :-), I'm pushing 40, the building is pushing 80 )Units appear to be 8 x 12 on the face, 12" wall transitioning to 8" parapet. Unreinforced, non-grouted. Paul Feather