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Re: Problems with 'List Server'

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No problem - Other than the Usenet, I can't find too many privately run
bbs style discussions that are public any longer. It is simply too
difficult to moderate a discussion forum to protect the participants
from those soliciting services or products. This is why The
Structuralist.Net went to private membership.
It was a choice - most people don't want to subscribe or leave an e-mail
address for fear of receiving more junk mail. I try hard to make the
transition safe and secure to remove some of that anxiety from those who
would not normally take the chance on a discussion forum where other
people can discover who they are.
Another issue is anonymity. There are many who will subscribe, but can't
do it at work and don't want to have their opinions known for fear of
taking a stand that is contrary to their employer.
The newer software allows the user to:
1. hide their e-mail address
2. Use a "handle" or nickname for a user name
3. subscribe to a list that will modify the subscriber address (when not
hidden) slightly to avoid the possibility of spammers running "spiders"
over the newsgroup or list to obtain addresses. For example,
admin(--nospam--at) might automatically be changed to
antispam_admin(--nospam--at) Not perfect, but it helps to reduce
automated macros that spammers use to pull names and addresses from

The latest choice that I have with the Mailman software run by my web
host is to allow the Listservice administrator to list his mailing list
on the Usenet. I'm not sure how this actually works, but the choice is
available to me (not something I would want to explore since the Usenet
is too polluted for my taste). BTW, this is an open-source freeware that
may be easy to replace the SEAINT software with and will not cost SEAINT
anything but the time it takes to install and convert the database.

Chris, you point is well taken, but there are a lot of created
programmers out there tackling these issues all the time and most of the
software now available (even the free open-source software like the one
I use) offers very good security.

If you care to visit our webpage that will take you to either the
discussion forum (BBS) or Listservice, use the following link:

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