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Cavity Wall Lintel Bearing for Veneer

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I would also like to get some personal opinions about how other engineers
treat steel lintels in cavity walls.

Typically, we might have a steel beam supporting the backup CMU and an
angle or channel near the backside of the brick to support the veneer. We
also have a steel plate on the bottom which the beam and angle are welded
to. On longer lintels, we would have a diaphragm plate at the ends and
intermediate so that the steel beam can provide lateral support to the
angle (or channel) and the entire lintel can work together. We have always
extended the plate and brick angle a minimum of  8"  into the support and
grouted the jambs of the cavity (or return the brick back to the CMU. This
provides good rotation stablity to the end of the lintel.

I have heard other engineers not wanting to extend the plate or angle into
the brick jambs but attempting to transfer the plate and angle load back to
the steel beam. The steel beam then needs to be designed for torsion and
then the anchorage to the CMU bearing to resist this torsion becomes
difficult at best.

What philosphy do other engineers have?

Is there a way to still get the full support from the brick and block
without grouting the cavity at the lintel bearing?

Is there a way to bridge the lintel bearing over the cavity (2" insulation
plus 1 3/4" air space = 3 3/4") without using a plate thicker than 5/16"?

Jim Kestner
Green Bay, WI

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