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Interesting Internet Connection Freeware

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Recently, I discovered two small freeware programs that appear to be
worthwhile.  Both are true freeware, with no banner ads, pop-up ads, or
spyware (at least, none that I can find).  If these are of interest, you can
download them from
<> .

Download Express (207K)

This is a program that works within Internet Explorer to speed up downloads
on any Internet connection.  It claims to break up a large file into several
threads, and then download the pieces simultaneously, thereby maximizing the
speed of the overall download.  I have tried this program, and it does
indeed seem to speed things up.  My son first notified me of this program.
Here is his testimonial:

Definitely get Download Express.  It's freeware, that splits up large
download files across up to 7 HTTP ports.  I just downloaded Mil-HDBK-5 Rev
H (43 Meg) and H-Change Notice 1 (21 Meg) in a total of about 3.4 minutes on
my Road Runner cable connection.  That's FAST!!  I found it while
downloading Panda Antivirus Titanium to replace my old InoculateIT freeware

Net Activity Diagram (322K)

I found this simple program while studying the information available at the
Metaproducts website (above).  It provides a real-time graph and statistics
of your incoming and outgoing Internet activity, either in a pop-up window,
or within your System Tray.  The former option provides a good way to
monitor your actual connection speed at any given time.  The latter option
provides a convenient way to know when information is being transmitted
"behind your back".

Both programs are 32-bit software, compatible with any flavor of Windows.
Both have multiple but easily understood configuration options, and both can
be uninstalled through the Control Panel.


Stan Caldwell

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