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RE: Interesting Internet Connection Free

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First of all, I only use Windoze browsers when I absolutely have to.

Second, when I absolutely have to use either IE, NS, or Opera, loading is as
slow as molasses in January --- *if* I have a phone on the same line as I
have the modem (v90, 56K) connected to.  Unplug the phone, and loading is
relatively fast, about half the speed of Arachne whether or not the phone is
plugged in.

The suggestion of turning off images that Scott Maxwell made should speed it
up.  So will turning off animation.


A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Reynold Franklin wrote:

. > Stan:

. > You convinced me that you know a lot about internet.  Can you suggest any
. > recommendation for my case.  My IE is very slow in opening pages.  Using
. > IE6 on windows 2000.  How can I speed it up.

. > Reynold

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