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RE: Fire Rating

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>Charlie, your link didn't work for me.
>I got to the UL site but I couldn't
>find the assembly listings.

For a minute, I though the redesigned I didn't know UL did on their web site
included elimination of the access of which I spoke. But good news! Go here:

And then click on UL File Number. If you enter one of the U.L. Design
Numbers we give in the Manual (say N706 for a spray-applied protection
beam-only in a floor), it will do a search that returns the link to UL file
BXUV.n706, which shows you this:

Hope that hellish-long link comes through. It starts with "http://..."; and
ends with "...&sequence=1". Three lines long on my screen.

You can also browse in other ways from the page at that first link above.

Hope this helps.


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