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2000 IBC - Precast concrete piles

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I have a question for the IBC experts (Scott Haan perhaps?) about ties
in precast concrete piles.  IBC Section 1808.2 covers Precast concrete
piles.  1808. (Seismic reinforcement in Seismic Design Category
C) says that ties shall be provided at maximum 8 bar diameter spacing or
6" max spacing FULL LENGTH OF PILE.

But then 1808. (Seismic reinforcement in Seismic Design Category
D, E or F) says ties shall be provided at 6 longitudinal bar spacing or
4" maximum spacing. Then the statement: "In addition, ties in precast
concrete piles shall be provided for at least the TOP HALF OF THE PILE."

I don't understand this last statement. Why is this statement in here
permitting a less restrictive tie spacing for Seismic Design Categories
D E and F, when the section also says that all requirements for Seismic
Design Category C apply to D E and F?  Is this an error in the code?

Rick Burch
Columbia, SC

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