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RE: Rastra HA HA

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You're right. I'm so ashamed. I hope I too can one day attain the level of
anal-retentiveness necessary to take umbrage at such harmless banter
(indulged in, I might add, on a weekend here in the States).

I think that will do more than anything to advance the profession, don't

N.B. I was making a joke at the expense of the proximity of the term
"Rastra" and "Rasta", with reference to the affinity for "ganja" that
practitioners of the latter customarily exhibit. Just so you know there's a
method to my madness (I really did think it said "Rasta" when I first read

Regards to all you stiff-upper-lip professionals out there. And you know who
you are.

William L. Polhemus, Jr. P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company
Katy, TX, USA
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FAX (281) 492-8203
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Well I have been off this list for awhle now and I
realize now why I left...The remarks about the new
Green Building Systems "Rastra" which are to
advanced for most engineers to reply to as you can

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