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RE: Interesting Internet Connection Free

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Title: RE: Interesting Internet Connection Free

Reynold wrote:

Thanks.  I use a DSL instead of a dialup.  I will turn off my animation as you suggested.  Thank you for the tip.


If your DSL connection is significantly slower than advertised, I strongly recommend that you follow these steps:

1]      Temporarily turn off or disable your firewall.

2]      Go to, then click on Tools.

3]      Run the Speed Test in verbose mode.  Does it show a slow speed?

4]      Run Tweaks II.  Read the results, read all applicable FAQs, then carefully follow all of the recommendations, especially the MTU and RWIN settings.

5]      Reboot your computer, then repeat [2] and [3].  Repeat [4] if necessary.

6]      Re-enable your firewall.

7]      Take your significant other out to a movie and dinner to celebrate.

8]      Exercise 200 minutes/week, and eat in accordance with the food guide pyramid.

9]      Don't worry, be happy.  Live long, and prosper!


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas