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RE: TI 809-04

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Download WPMathA:

Adobe Acrobat does not convert the WPMathA font, found in equations, due to
licensing restrictions nor does not convert postscript figures embedded in
Word or Wordperfect documents.  So those documents should be first converted
to postscript format first and then converted PDF. The resulting PDF file
contains extraneous lines but is legible.

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From: Jason Kilgore [mailto:jkilgore(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2002 9:41 AM
To: seaint
Subject: TI 809-04

I recently downloaded document "TI 809-04" from the Corp of Engineers
(seismic design), and am having problems.

First, the page numbers don't match the TOC, but I assume that's a
publishing error and I'll just have to deal with it.

Second, my computer is missing several fonts, so most of the formulas are
gibberish.  I emailed the corp, and the answer I got was that the fonts used
are the standard ones used by Adobe, and that they would fix several
problems when they re-issue the document at some unknown time in the future
(in other words, deal with it).  I'd always thought that the author picked
the fonts from his/her hard drive, then Adobe uses the same ones, but what
do I know.

I haven't read all the documents yet, but all the missing fonts so far are
prefixed with "WP".  Ones I've found so far:


Does anyone know where I can buy, beg, borrow, or steal these fonts?  Any
help would be appreciated.

Jason W. Kilgore, P.E.
Leigh & O'Kane, L.L.C.
(816) 444-3144

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