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RE: TI 809-04

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Thanks for the tips - they helped narrow my search quite a bit.

After much searching, I was able to locate some information about this
problem at the corel site:

You can download all of the "WP..." fonts (24 total) at this site (it's
listed under the "Service Pack 3" area, and is called "WPFonts.exe"):

or by clicking on:

The COE's response to a poorly published document is disapointing.  Of
course, it's free, so you get what you pay for (not counting taxes, of

Jason W. Kilgore, P.E.
Leigh & O'Kane, L.L.C.
(816) 444-3144

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The documents show up just fine on my computer.  I have all of the required
fonts installed on my machine.  I can try to email anybody the required
fonts if they email me privately.

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