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SEAINT List Server Becoming Less Functional?

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Please excuse what I hope will be seen as constructive criticism, but I have
noticed something that I find disheartening.

If this were only my own experience, I'd just shrug it off, but I have
noticed signs that others are seeing the same thing I am, and I wonder what
you all think is happening.

>From the time I first s*bscribed to SEAINT (back when it was still called
SEAOC), it has been one of the MOST useful reference tools at my disposal,
because the people participating on the list represent a cross section of
structural engineering expertise from the very experienced to the youthfully
inquisitive. I have found over that time that there was literally no problem
that had me stumped, that some one or several people participating on this
list couldn't help with. I have to say with all candor that the "bang for
the buck" ratio has been tremendous, so much so that I decided to "give
back" by joining my local SEA chapter.

However, in the last six months or so I've noticed that when I post a
question or problem to the list, I now can only count on getting a response
MAYBE 50% of the time. And I do not think that it is because my questions
have been of any different nature than previously.

As I said, it would be one thing if I thought it was only me, but
increasingly I see posts to the list with the comment "I posted this
question earlier and got no response, so I'm trying again." Recent examples
of this would include the threads titled "REPOST: Steel Lintel Bearing on
Masonry" and "Repost: Flat-plate structure - sway analysis". There have been
others, many others.

Now, I'm not saying that ALL my post aren't being responded to. I am still
getting a lot of great info, but there have been a few instances, such as
the message I posted this morning wanting opinions regarding the
responsibility of the EOR to anticipate construction loading, that haven't
gotten ANY responses, such that I end up having to fly blind when I could
really use the help.

I'm just interested in opinions (again) as to why some of you think this
might be so. Do you think you're not responding as quickly or as often as
you used to do? Is the bloom off the rose as far as electronic discussions
like this?

What do you think?

William L. Polhemus, Jr. P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company
Katy, TX, USA
Phone (281) 492-2251
FAX (281) 492-8203
email bill(--nospam--at)

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