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RE: SEAINT List Server Becoming Less Functional?

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See my comment below.

Barry H. Welliver

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> Subject: SEAINT List Server Becoming Less Functional?
Agree with what you have outlined.

> I'm just interested in opinions (again) as to why some of you think this
> might be so. Do you think you're not responding as quickly or as often as
> you used to do? Is the bloom off the rose as far as electronic discussions
> like this?

Speaking for myself (which is all I can/should do anyway) I've become a bit
complacent and often rely or assume that someone else will respond. It's
selfish I know, but sometimes I can't afford the time to jot off a quick
response. I realize you're talking about the usefulness of an immediate
response and will confess to not always reading between the lines when
reviewing a post.

I'd have to say however, that my participation is probably more directly
related to my work load on any given day then to my interest in the subject
and therefore offer up that excuse also.

My impression is the list is still a viable form of communication between
professionals. As with many things, the luster has gone for some, but we
still seem to get an awful lot of new interest. One chink in the armor as
far as I'm concerned is the word pictures we must use to describe a
particular situation or problem. Perhaps one day we will have graph
abilities without burdening the bandwidth. (If only we can talk Roger Turk
into it!)

Now I've quickly fired off some half-baked ideas. How about others.

Barry H. Welliver

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