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Re: SEAINT List Server Becoming Less Functional?

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I agree with Rick Drake on this (at least partially).
Many of the active participants have been driven off by
attacks by other members of the list.  I have had
attacks slung my way several times, but I have a fairly
thick skin and don't let it get to me.  However, a lot
of people just dropped out of sight because they did
not want to be subjected to or even listen to one
person attack another.

I used to be very active on the list, especially at the
very early days before you even made the scene here.  I
am just too busy these days to participate much.  I
wish I could, but I usually just browse the messages
and reads the ones that may be of interest.  I rarely
reply, even if I may have an answer that could help
someone.  Between my work and family, I never have
enough time to do all the things I want to, and I just
have to cut back where ever I can, and participation on
the list was one of the things that had to go.  I still
post occasionally, wish I had time to do more.  I
suspect that many others are in the same position I am.

I am amazed that you, Dennis, and others are able to
find the time to contribute as much as you do.  I think
it is great, and learn a lot from all the discussions.


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