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Re: SEAINT List Server Becoming Less Functional?

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I think the lists downfall has been the result of its success.  By that I
mean there are now SO MANY messages that come through.  I to have been
subscr. since the SEAOC days.  I used to respond frequently but now it is
really.  Back then we used to get 15 messages a day.  Now it is 40.  I
just don't have the time to READ them all and then RESPOND.  If I miss a
day or 2 then I may get over a hundred messages.  That's a lot of time to
read them.  I still have over 2400 unread messages from last year in my
inbox that, one day, I may get to read.  I don't want to see people  drop
out, or the activity diminish, I just don't have the time it now takes to
be active.

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