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RE: SEAINT List Server Becoming Less Functional?

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I've been on the list server a little less than a year.  Of the questions
I've posted, maybe one didn't get a response. All the others received at
least one helpful response, and in most cases several responses were
I don't usually followup the responses with a "thank you" post, but I'm
truly grateful for the help provided by list members.  My knowledge base
is broadened by having access to others' experience.  I don't think the
list server is any less valuable to me in this regard today than when I
joined last May.

In terms of other's posts, I try to respond if I have knowledge and/or
related to the question/issue AND if the question hasn't already been
adequately answered by others. This is also subject to the time I have
available to
respond adequately.  Like others, sometimes I feel like the question gets
before I find the time to respond. Then, it's easier to justify letting it

I also wonder how many list members get the digest version rather than the
"live" version.  If this percentage is higher than in the "good 'ol days" it
might partially explain a decrease in responsiveness.

I agree with a lot of what others have posted re. this topic.  Many people
like conflict, flaming, etc. and will bail if it occurs too often.  I've
seen this
on other non-technical lists as well.  Personally, I enjoy seeing
differences of
opinions and humor on the list as long as they're handled appropriately and
maturely and don't dominate the discussion. Some of the threads would be
dealt with in private email IMO.

I'm grateful if one or two people respond to my posts.  I'm also grateful
the list members DON'T respond to my posts...I'd be overwhelmed.


David L. Williams, P.E.
Vice-Pres., Snyder Engineering, Inc.
Columbia, MO  65202

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