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RE: Expansion Joints

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Placing expansion joints is generally a serviceability issue.  The US
building codes' focus is on life safety.  The placement of expansion joints
is a function of the type of building, the structural framing, and the
projected temperature variation.

I have seen steel buildings 300 m long with no expansion joints.

The 30 mm building separation appears to be fairly small.  You should
calculate the lateral movement of the building for wind and thermal growth.
For seismic design an amplified lateral drift needs to be calculated that
adjusts for the building performing in the nonlinear range.  The SEISMIC
building lateral drift and building separation is in the code, and in the
NEHRP Provisions.

Harold O. Sprague

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> Sent:	Wednesday, February 27, 2002 1:34 AM
> Subject:	Expansion Joints
> Dear Friends
> In Indian codes a general crietria for provision of expansion joints in
> Concrete buildings is given as 45m i.e. in case the length of the
> building exceeds 45m an expansion joint should be provided unless the
> temperature stresses are taken care of.
> However in Steel design code specifies no expansion joints need to be
> provided  for buildings upto 120 m with one central bracing bay and 180
> m for buildings having braced bay 45m from both ends.
> The gap between the buildings to be provided is atleast 30 mm.
> What is the general design crietria for providing expansion/contraction
> joints in your country code. And what should be the gap between the two
> buildings.
> Vijay Patil

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