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RE: Wood Truss Connection Design

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> From: richard lewis
> I am designing some truss rafters for a children's home in Kenya.  They
> need to fabricate the trusses in the field.  They do not have access to
> metal side plates.  I was considering using plywood gusset plates.  Can
> somebody help me with a good reference for designing wood trusses with
> plywood gussets?  Also, has anybody had experience with something easier
> or simpler?  I considered just lapping the webs with the top and bottom
> chord and nailing them together, but the forces at the truss heal are too
> high for that.
> Rich

Tables were prepared many years ago by Canada Mortgage & Housing for typical
trusses, showing gusset sizes and nailing patterns. I have a copy of the
table for 4 - 12 pitch trusses. It covers spans to 30' and snow loads 22.5
to 37.5 lb/ft². I think there were also 5 - 12 & 6 - 12 tables. I could fax
or scan & E-mail it if you don't find the information elsewhere.

Peter James

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