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Steel rules of thumb

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>From: Daryl Richardson
>Subject: Re: Steel rules of thumb
>To: seaint(--nospam--at)


>	Here's a rule of thumb that's very handy for >quick
and dirty
>calculations for beam deflection.

>	Delta(max) = M*L^2/(10*E*I)

I've derived the same equation--it's very handy.  With
moment in foot-kips, span in feet, and deflection in
inches, and for a steel beam (E = 29,000 ksi), it ends

        Delta = M * L^2 / 161 I

A few more:

Working stress design of E70 fillet welds, allowable
load = 0.928 kips/inch per 1/16 inch of weld size
(e.g. a 3/16 fillet is 3 x 0.928 kips/inch).

Working stress concrete design (OK, all you new guys,
flame away): As = M / 1.76 d    (M in ft-k, d in
inches), or, far more accurately (good for

Per foot width,
 As = ((M, ft-k)^1.04) x 11.84/(Fs (ksi) x d (inches))

(Charlie, don't put this one in MSC)

Mike Hemstad
St. Paul, Minnesota

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