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Steel Lintel Bearing on Masonry

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Jim Kestner wrote:


>I am in agreement with most of your comments re:

>A couple questions come to mind:

>Where the angle is supporting the brick veneer, do
>you require the cavity
>to be grouted at the bearing to support the angle? or
>does the Architect
>return the brick to provide the angle bearing? The
>Architects prefer to
>leave the cavity open to prevent cold transfer but we
>need the support for
>the angle.

No, we don't require anything.  The brick ties in
theory keep everything lined up.  As I tried to imply
(how's that for weasel words?), the detail doesn't
exactly inspire bulletproof confidence.  When we use
it, we use it only for small openings, and we haven't
had problems.

>I like the simplicity of the HSS and eccentric plate.
>Are you using
>stiffener plates at say 32" oc to stiffen the
>eccentric plate? If you are
>taking the torsion into the tube, it seems that it
>would be difficult to
>take it out into the masonry at the bearing. With an
>8" CMU backup, are
>using the brick and block together to resist the
>torsion (up force on the
>block and down force on the brick) with anchor bolts
>resisting the tension
>into the block?

We don't stiffen the plate--we just make it thick
enough to cantilever on its own.  5/16 inch usually
works.  If the brick is eccentric enough to even look
like it will tip the beam over (assuming CMU placed on
top of the lintel before the brick is placed), we bury
a steel post in the wall to carry the lintel.  The
idea of rebar and anchor bolts having to essentially
lap in a CMU core under the lintel bearing, scares me.
 Where and how will they place the corefill?  We don't
make them try.

Mike Hemstad
St. Paul, Minnesota

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