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Re: SEAINT List Server Becoming Less Functional?

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Here's my $0.02:

I was "lurking" on the list for about a year before I started posting
stuff. I read the messages during my lunch break at work (via the
archive) but I do all of my posting from my home computer in the
evenings and weekends. Work is for working - not posting messages on the
internet (unless you work for yourself in which case you can do whatever
you want.) I have a feeling that many people have the same opinion and
are not going to post answers to questions immediately (if at all) when
they appear on the list.

I think there may be another reason that people do not post their
opinions/thoughts/ideas on this list - perhaps liability? The way the
legal system works nowadays maybe people are hesitant to post their
opinions on such a permanent thing as this list. Are there any legal
ramifications if things that we say on this forum are misused by others?
Take that thread about engineering shortcuts - I thought twice before I
posted my email on that topic earlier this evening - but then I decided
to live life in the fast lane and I posted my message.  But what if
someone misuses the shortcut that I posted - even though I said it was
that someone out there is reading this message and saying to themselves
"Wow, like, that "Cliff" dude is brillient - he hit the nail on the
head, man. Like, that's the exact reason why I haven't posted any

I wonder if there are any similar forums like this on the internet for
doctors?  I would be interested in knowing if any doctors out there are
posting messages like "I am planning on performing my first heart
transplant operation tomorrow and was wondering if anyone could share
some tips with me on things I should look for when I begin surgery..." I
don't think so,... at least I hope not!!!


(For all you know, I could be some patient in the lock-up ward at a
mental hospital - who every couple days picks his lock on the door,
tiptoes out of his padded room, sneaks over to the laptop at the nurses'
station logs onto the internet, and posts some messages on the SEAINT

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