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RE: STRUCTURAL STEEL: Large Pipe Column?

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Try filling it with concrete.  With an 18-20" round column you can get quite
a large capacity increase that way.

Will a square section work?  An HSS 18x18x0.625 has more capacity than an
equivalent round section (it also weighs more).

If an HSS 18x18 will fit, but you can't find one, try a built-up section.
(4) HSS 6x6's welded together should work, and even with the extra labor it
might still be cheaper then the extra cost for the "special" large size.

Finally, you need to try to locate any non-typical section before
specifying.  Sure, a HSS20X0.5 is listed in the tables, but what if they
only produce them once every 4 years?  Try contacting fabricators (not just
local - something this big might have to travel a bit) to see what they can
scrounge up.

(helping to keep the list alive with answers... oops, time to do paying

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Got a need for a large pipe column. I'd rather use an 18" Dia. Column, but
that just doesn't seem to make it. I can squeeze in a 20" Dia., but even the
largest HSS size shown (HSS 20.000 X 0.500) isn't quite working. Is there
any alternative I can use that will give me either a greater material
strength than ASTM A 500 Gr. "C" (maybe A 618 Gr. I/II?) OR a thicker wall?

If I go with the stronger material, just how hard to get is "other
applicable material specification, the availability of which should be
confirmed prior to specification"? How do you make such a determination?

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