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RE: STRUCTURAL STEEL: Large Pipe Column?

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Try filling it with concrete.  With an 18-20" round column you can get quite
a large capacity increase that way.

Nope, sorry, can't. This thing has to be hollow because we have voluminous
conduit going through it to feed signal + power to rotating drum sign
mounted atop it.

Will a square section work?  An HSS 18x18x0.625 has more capacity than an
equivalent round section (it also weighs more).

No. Rectangular columns are not allowed on highway sign structures in Texas
because of problems with fatigue.

Try contacting fabricators (not just local - something this big might have
to travel a bit) to see what they can scrounge up.

Yes, I'm doing this now. I'm not really concerned about the size. I'll bet I
can come up with a 20" diameter column easily enough on the Texas Gulf
Coast. It's the material spec I'm worried about. It seems like ASTM has been
changing, deleting and adding specifications a great deal in the last couple
of years, and it takes fabricators, etc., quite a while to catch up with the
new regime.

(helping to keep the list alive with answers... oops, time to do paying

I understand and your elbow-in-the-ribs point is taken. I do forget that
others have bosses that glare at them if their typing away on the computer.
For my purposes "all y'all" constitute my unpaid consultants! I try to "give
back" what little I'm able by helping out as well. (And no, the humor
doesn't count).

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