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RE: SEAINT List Server Becoming Less Functional?

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I Agree. I do recognize, now that a few people have chimed in, that not
everyone might feel this way (or in particular, not every supervisor!)

Though it has died down a little bit as the "newness" has worn off the 'Net,
the perception remains with many managers (particularly older guys of which
Stan Caldwell would be the antithesis) that Internet "use" is in reality

That's unfortunate, but it reminds me why I decided on self-employment, now
I think about it.

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THEORY X all the way.  There is nothing wrong with networking and
corresponding to get other professional opinions about something you are
working on.  I use the list for work and it has saved my butt.  Try getting
a written code opinion from ICBO in a timely manner.  This list is a great
resource for work if you don't abuse it.

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