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Re: Anticipate construction loadings?

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> Does the EOR have the
> responsibility to try to anticipate construction loadings?
> If anyone has at least SEEN the post I mean, could you email me PRIVATELY
> and let me know that it did get to you?

Bill, I haven't seen the original post, but I did seen the post wondering
why nobody responded.  (I didn't respond to it.)  Looks like nobody wants to
weigh in on this issue, but I give you my opinion, FWIT.

No, the EOR should not attempt to anticipate (therefore attempt to design
for) construction loadings.  My reasoning is simple, you have NO IDEA what
some dumb*ss might put on the partially erected structure, nor to what
degree of completion (steel connections pinned but not bolted, bolted but
not torqued, welded connections not made, concrete not cured, base plates
not grouted, ad nauseum).  If some sharp lawyer found during discovery that
you had anticipated a 25% overload, but it was a 30% overload that resulted
in the collapse that killed his client, he'd have your lunch, company & all
of your assets.  On the other hand, your client (if he found out) would just
as likely sue you for spending his money needlessly; after all he hires only
top notch contractors who would NEVER do anything such as overload his
structure during construction.

Just one man's opinion - I look forward to any further discussion generated
on this thread.

Scott A. Dunham, PE
Dunham Engineering Services
Dothan, AL

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