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OSHA 4 bolt anchorage

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How is the best way to provide for the requirements of the new OSHA steel
standard when you have the condition where a tube which is intended to be
buried within a perimeter wall?  I have a rectanuglar base plate which
previously would have had only 2 bolts in it, but 4 collinear bolts does not
provide any moment resistance perpendicular to the line and the width of the
plate is such that if two bolts were offset, the moment arm is small and
bolts get close to the edge of the foundation and bearing plate.  This
member may be able to be considered as a post, but have any of you
encountered this type of condition and how have you handled it?  Thanks in
advance for your response.

Albert J. Meyer, Jr., P.E.
Martin Engineering
238 North 22nd Street
Philadelphia PA 19103-1004
(215) 665-8570
(215) 561-5064 Fax

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