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Re: Intellicad vs Autocad & AOL CD Recycling

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In a message dated 2/14/2002 2:13:02 PM Pacific Standard Time, 73527.1356(--nospam--at) writes re: Intellicad vs. Autocad:

It looks like I have another CD to go with my AOL CDs that shoo away birds.

AOL CDs can be recycled by sending them to   NOMOREAOLCDS.COM  <no joke>
No More AOL CDs!
1935 El Dorado Ave
Berkeley CA, 94707U.S.A.

How many free AOL CDs have you received? Five, 10, 100, more? Well, wants to take 'em off your hands -- and in the process end the wanton distribution of these annoying disks. Its goal? Collect a cool 1 million disks and send them back from whence they came.According to the group, not only are the AOL disks unwanted, they pollute the environment and invade our privacy. Thus far, the group has collected a few dozen CDs (all of which probably came directly from AOL).

Want to know more about this undertaking? Here are some details:
1 million CDs will weigh about 17 tons (roughly the same amount Rush Limbaugh lost on his diet).

Once collected, the crew will drive the CDs across the country in any vehicles they can wrangle.

Irate CD recipients cannot simply return the buggers to AOL because they're sent as bulk mail. The U.S. Postal Service will simply toss the CDs marked "return to sender."

It would take 18 Ford F-350s or one semitrailer to haul 1 million CDs.

Ron Fong
City of Fremont, CA